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Roads and Highways
Where would we be without roads? Then again, before roads and highways existed, people used to take trains everywhere. Today, roads and highways can be found throughout the world. Some highways lead to other countries, states, and territories. Other highways lead absolutely nowhere! That’s right, forgotten highways do exist, and these highways won’t help you get where you’re going! Learning about highways is fascinating. You can find out when the first highway was built, what the longest highway is (and where it is), and what highways are mad out of. You can even find out where the closest highway to you is located. If you want to get somewhere, chances are that a highway will take you there!
Aside from highways, there are many kinds of roads. Some roads are made from dirt while other roads are neatly paved in tar. Dirt roads can usually be found in the country while most roads in the city are paved. Then again, some city roads may not have pavement yet! We think that highways are a lot of fun. We like to gather information about highways and roads, and post that information on our Roads and Highways Directory page. You’ll find lots of great details about roads and highways here, and we hope that you enjoy our site as much as we do. No matter what you want to know about roads and highways, we’ll help you get started with your research!
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