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Before there were cars and airplanes there were trains and railroads. In fact, the railroad system throughout the United States was quite prominent until World War II. After World War II, the interstate system within the U.S. was built, and the automobile replaced the train. Aside from the United States, there are train systems all over the world. Many people rely upon trains on a regular basis to bring them from one point to another. Some trains carry cargo while other trains carry passengers. Many trains were built for short distance hauls. Other trains were made for long distance hauls. Long distance trains often have dining cars and sleeping cars, and traveling on these trains can be a lot of fun.
Commuter rails and metro cars are two different types of trains. These trains are used by thousands of people throughout a number of cities every day. Learning about trains is fascinating. Likewise, learning about the history of trains is intriguing. There’s a lot to know about trains, and a lot that you will be surprised to discover. We collect and post information about trains on our website. In our Trains and Railroads Directory, you will find helpful links and details about trains. You can also head to your local library in order to read books about trains and railroads. If you want to learn how to build trains, you can find information about local educational programs on the Internet. From the first train to today’s trains, you’ll discover that trains have a long and detailed history.
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