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Bomispedia, the world encyclopedia
Bomispedia is a free content encyclopedia project run by Bomismedia Inc. Anyone can edit this encyclopedia by logging in. It is created by Prashant Vijaya Pandey. founded in 2009. It contains all about science, history, mathematics, biography, etc. So enjoy by editing India;s first wikipedia type encyclopedia. Bomispedia was started in January 15, 2009 and it has over 18,000,000 articles in many languages, including 3,393 in Simple English. Bomispedia is based on wiki type encyclopedia , which means free. Anyone without any cost can create pages, edit any article present in Encyclopedia. Bomispedia also wrote article about goods in one of the lowest cost in all over India. more info >>
Layman's Wiki
Byte sized nuggets of wisdom. The site offers quick info on a number of subjects the layman's way. The information offered is researched and presented in an easy way so that the average person can understand. At layman's a number of tutorials are also being hosted. These tutorials are for the common layman, they are precise and easy to read. We also host a number of articles from our readers. These articles have a wide range of topics. The authors are compensated depending on the reach of their posts, however, we encourage our collaborators to share this info for free. Advertising revenue is used for web hosting expenses and to expand the site. more info >>
Bullsh!t Wiki
Bullsh!t Wiki is an encyclopedia that gather entertaining informations about non-serious subjects. The purpose of this wiki is to be both fun and outstanding. Every internet user can contribute by writing pages, uploading files or editing informations. The most interesting piece of informations are picked up by admins and shown on the home page of the wiki. It is worth noting that even if some pages have correct informations, they often misinform for the sake of attractiveness and entertainment. This is why most of the articles should not be taken as a reliable source or should be mentioned in a serious work. more info >>
R-TT Articles