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infosnacks is the bite sized encyclopedia. This site is an information resource providing info in small easy to comprehend bite sized bits of information. We are fueled by user submissions and invite anyone to publish information on just about anything. Publish information about your business, your website, your favorite sport, a musician or band, a picture or image. The list is infinite. Each piece of information, called "snacks", are classified into a three level classification system. Our goal is to provide the world with an easily searchable database of organized information. Furthermore the information is short in length so users can find what they need quick without reading a biography on each topic. more info >>
Ancient History Encyclopedia is a free source of reviewed and high-quality information about ancient history. The site was launched in 2009 with the goal of becoming the best free resource for ancient history, and it has succeeded: It is now the most-visited website solely dedicated to ancient history in the world (based on Alexa rankings in June 2014). The site was created by volunteers and depends on experts in their field contributing their knowledge to the site. Every single one of the over 2000 articles, images, maps, and timelines on this website are reviewed by an editorial team of teachers, historians, and authors (very different from a Wiki). The site is used by teachers and students worldwide. more info >>
Infographic Encyclopedia sourced, collect and publish fresh and interestingly useful infographics that only matters to you. Our mission is to become largest infographic archive directory listing online. Designer, researchers, students and teachers can browse our infographics directory and fresh visualized data collections that will be available for reference source and studies. different kinds of infographics can be found in our site category such as health, technology, fashion, cancers, motor, events, music, arts, business, food, drinks, sciences, educations, politics, countries, travel, entertainments and many more sub-categories you can look into. The site was established last year but launched early this year 2014. So far we generated thousands regular subscribers and followers from facebook, twitter, google plus and pinterest. more info >>
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