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Central America is a portion of the world that is lodged between North and South America. This part of the Americas is home to various republics including Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Belize. Each republic is home to various types of people who speak many different languages. While Central American tends to be on the warmer side climate wise, some parts of Central America can also be cooler. Many people travel to Central America in search of a relaxing vacation, and this is easily found in areas such as Belize. Even though most people refer to North America as “America,” Central America, along with South America, is “America” as well. Therefore, differentiating between the three Americas is useful when writing a sentence or speaking of this part of the world.
Central America is not only home to many different people, but it is also home to many different types of cuisine. If you are a food fan, you will love the many dishes that come from the republics that make up Central America. Many dishes that come from this part of the world are laced with spice and flavor, which places a distinct spin on cuisine from this area. When it comes to finding out about Central America, you can begin by looking through books at your local library. You can also take a few moments to look through our Central America Directory. We publish information about Central America regularly. From food to culture and everything in-between, Central America is a wonderland just waiting to be discovered.

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