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Australia is by far the largest and most heavily populated country within Oceania. The geographical region of Oceania is centered on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The term, coined in 1812 by Conrad Malte-Brun, was used to describe the area in the open Pacific that was largely unknown at the time. Initially it helped distinguish Australia as a continent. Oceania is broken into four regions; Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The area is well known to this day for its enjoyable climate and love for sports such as rugby, soccer and cricket. Although many geographers argue over the exact specifications of Oceania, it has been widely recognized since it was named almost 200 years ago. It is also one of eight terrestrial ecozones that compose the major ecological regions of the planet. Oceania’s ecozone include Fiji, Micronesia and all of Polynesia except New Zealand. In our directory on Oceania you will find detailed descriptions of each country, state or province that makes up the region including Fiji, Guam, New Zealand, Palau and Hawaii. We will also provide you with information on the makeup on each region from populous to religion and language. You will even find resources on the best places to visit within Oceania and what activities you can partake in once there whether it is a sporting event, restaurant, beach or resort. Make sure the next time you need information on Oceania and Australia in specific that you visit our directory.
Have you ever dreamed about buying a second home? A vacation home is the best way to spend your vacation days. When you own your own vacation home, you won’t have to spend any money on hotels or other accommodations. If you buy a vacation home in another country, you can really enjoy escaping your current life. Noosa, Australia, is the perfect place to escape to. Small villages, lots of grassy spots, and a quaint way of life awaits you in Noosa. Visit us to find the right Noosa vacation home for you. You work hard all year long, so why not spend your vacation in total relaxation? more info >>
If you have a lot of land to cover, spreading fertilizer and lime isn’t always easy. In fact, making sure that these necessary parts of helping any land grow are spread evenly is tough. For people who live in Australia, spreading lime and fertilizer just got easier. Lime Plus is an Australian company that specializes in spreading all kinds of fertilizer. No matter how large your plot of land may be, Lime Plus will get the job done quickly. When you need to spread lime and fertilizer, don’t stress out trying to spread it yourself. Instead, hire the professionals at Lime Plus to do this hard work for you. more info >>
Limousines are classic and classy. You can rent a limousine to pick someone up from an airport. You can also rent a limo for a special occasion. Many people rent limos in order to attend prom, go on a romantic date, and for weddings. If you live in the Sunshine Coast area, you will find that the limo services offered at are unbeatable. When you want to rent a limo, don’t settle for any old limo. Make sure the limousine you rent is up to par, affordable, and complete with a dapper chauffer. At, you will find that all of your limo dreams will come true. more info >>
At Byron Bay Properties, we want to help you find the commercial or real estate of your dreams in or around Byron Bay. Located in the northeastern tip of New South Wales, near the border of Queensland, Byron Bay is an Australian playground. Our company is committed to finding the best deal with the most ease on your real estate needs. The owner, Michael Murray, has been living in Byron Bay for twenty five years. With experience in buying and selling properties in the area, Mr. Murray has a very good reputation among buyers and sellers alike, bringing that vast knowledge to his customers. Byron Bay Property Search wants to help the customer fulfill the buyer’s needs. We also offer financing options through our site. Come by Byron Bay and get started on searching for your dream Australian property. Our company site is available in English, Italian, and Russian for your convenience. more info >>
At ADS (Australian Design Studio) in S. Brisbane, our mission is to provide customers with state of the art marketing. In today’s world market, getting seen is key. It can be the make or break distinguishing mark of how well your company does. We provide the technology and ideas to help our customers do just that. ADS does everything: multimedia, brochures, TV ads, websites, videos, all of it. Our company is endorsed by the Australian government. We want to provide you with the most hassle free and professional marketing experience possible. With 24/7 hour access to your work online, stop by ADS and get your company on the path to being found. more info >>
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