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Society and Culture
Eastern Siberia is just striking. From west to east it stretches from the Ob-Yenisei interfluve to the mountain ranges of the Pacific watershed in the north a broad front goes to the Arctic Ocean, on the southern borders with Mongolia and China. On the area of each of these administrative units could accommodate several large European countries. The area across Eastern Siberia about 7.2 million square meters. Stretching for 1000 kilometers of high-water rivers, endless taiga, mountain ranges and plateaus, which occupy 3/4 throughout, low-lying plains of the tundra of the band - that is the Eastern Siberia. `Great story` of humanity for many centuries as it avoided the Eastern Siberia party. This stern edge not attracted conquerors of antiquity. Even the hordes of Huns and Genghis Khan did not go beyond the southern borders of the taiga region, while others are more easy to conquer the country attracted more of them. Poor herders and hunters for centuries roamed the taiga and tundra. The impetus for and development of Eastern Siberia was the accession of the Russian state. Russian brought into this dull edge advanced for its time farming techniques, skills, labor, and sometimes new activities. Everyday life of indigenous peoples has changed considerably, but was still primitive. more info >>
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