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Can science explain everything? Well, that depends on what kind of science you are talking about. Sometimes strange occurrences can’t be explained by traditional science. When this happens, alternative science steps in to find a solution for a strange problem. Alternative science has gained a negative reputation throughout the years, but this type of science is also largely misunderstood. Taking a few moments to read about alternative science is a great way to understand how this type of science works. You’ll find that alternative science does not cover traditional scientific matters. Instead, this type of science deals with anomalies and things that are not explained by traditional science.
If you study alternative science, you may be looking for a number of different things online. One of these things may include references and research that can support your findings or claims. You’ll find a lot of this material online. You’ll also discover that we respect alternative science. We respect this type of science so much that we’ve gone out of our way to collect data and information about various alternative sciences. When we have enough information, we post these details on our Anomalies and Alternative Science Directory page. Our goal is to add enough information to this page, so that you have a fast and easy way to search for anything related to alternative science. If you’re curious about alternative science, begin your search today.
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