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Oxford University Central Proteomics Facility provides analytical mass spectrometry and proteomics services to UK and international academic medical research labs on not-for-profit basis. We provide quantitative proteomics techniques such as SILAC, iTRAQ and Label free methods in order to study differential protein expression in different cell states eg diseased versus healthy cell. We also routinely provide protein identification using MALDI TOF TOF and LCMSMS electrospray mass spectrometry for SDS PAGE gel bands. We also provide identification of protein post translational modifications such as phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, ubiquitination etc, etc. Analytical mass spectrometry data is normally provided within two weeks of sample submission. more info >>
Rhys Biotech testing services
Rhys Biotech offers a wide variety of analytical testing services from its laboratories in Chorley, serving the UK and European markets. The laboratories house a variety of equipment to facilitate a multitude of techniques, these include Thermal analysis, gravimetric, spectroscopy, gas chromatography, ion chromatography, wet chemistry, liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance. We are also able to offer validated method services, de-formulation services in addition to routine testing. One of our main strengths include method development. We offer Pharmaceutical, wet chemistry, chemistry, food, environmental and instrumental analysis. We can test Agricultural Product, Pesticides, Environmental Analysis, Building Materials, Analytical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Consumer & Retail Products, Food Related Testing, Metallurgy Testing, Petroleum, Biotechnology, Polymers and Plastics. more info >>
Food allergens analyses can be performed to detect nuts, gluten, milk or any other allergen that could have been in contact with your products. Moreover, those detection tests can be performed for toxins or to test and detect pork, beef or poultry. Get a complete allergens’ testing service for the food industry that will fulfill all your needs. You can be sure to respect Canadian regulation with our precise and innovative technologies. Our services are fast and reliable in order not to affect your production. Call us now to discuss your need for a food allergens analysis and we will perform the detection tests as soon as possible! more info >>
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