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As the human race continues to grow and evolve, there are new scientific revelations every day in different corners of the world. There are new medicines, scientific discoveries and natural disasters that occur that can only be explained through science. The media has gotten better and better with their coverage of topics relating to science and delivers the news to the public almost in real time with the various 24/7 news television networks, newspapers, social networks and other Internet outlets around the world. The reason news of the scientific nature is so important is because those stories explain exactly what is going on to help continue to advance our world into the future. Without understanding how a tsunami hit, how can we prevent it? Without continuous research on cancer and how it affects the human body, how can we defeat it? Without a new source of energy to power cars, airplanes and other forms of transportation, what will we do when we run out of fossil fuels? These are just a few of the millions of questions that must be answered by scientists every day.

Our directory on science news will hopefully become your source of information and links to all the most recent and breaking news on happenings in the scientific field. Our hope is to offer up tangible resources to help you understand where we are, where we were and where we are headed as the human race. So come in, take a seat and enjoy our directory on science news.
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