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Electromagnetism provides a comprehensive source for electrodynamic problems with solutions and background information. The covered topics include electrostatics, magnetostatics, circuit theory and full electrodynamics. Why should we try hard and learn electrodynamics/electromagnetism? Historically, understanding the link between electric and magnetic fields enabled us to build electronic and telecommunication devices, engines or simply admire the beauty of nature. Of course electromagnetism is not the easiest topic to learn during a study. Really understanding it takes time and effort. I always prefer learning by doing. Solving problems is one of the ways we can make sure to be able to apply our knowledge. But of course the problems we are able to solve in the seminars took a long time to be solved in the first place. The only reason why we can do it much quicker is that we can stand on the shoulders of giants learning the important steps and techniques. I sincerely hope that the site gives you a great learning experience with all the provided connections to current research! more info >>
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