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Research and Technologies - SenseResearch
Sense of Nature Research & Technologies is embedded within several academic and industry networks to conduct original, scientific research well as develop new technologies for the company’s brand and other connected partners. Together with institutions such as the University of Bedfordshire, the R&T team uncovers and optimises the natural properties of silk fibres, explores consumer behaviour patterns, provides web technology solutions, and investigates neurophysiological issues. Such technologies, developed in-house, are fully tested and certified by leading authorities in the industry. The website provides access to peer-reviewed, original papers published by the Department, as well as access to news, calls for research partnerships and information about new technologies being developed in partner labs. Sense of Nature Research & Technology continually delves into the sleeping sciences as the best means of better shaping the best sleeping environment of the future. more info >>
I'm an experienced academic researcher; I've published over 85 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and have led large competitively-funded research projects. Because writing and editing is the part of research I've always enjoyed most, I'm now also a professional freelance editor. I primarily edit academic, scientific and technical material - PhD theses, papers, reports, textbooks, grant applications and essays - but have worked on a wide variety of other documents for artists, government departments, corporations and businesspeople. I’ve edited material from a very wide range of fields, often for people whose first language is not English. I can help you to communicate your ideas as effectively as possible. more info >>
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