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The World of Tomorrow
tomorrow: a world without dualism. dualism traced back via enlightenment (descartes, kant), thomas aquinas to finally aristotle, spread of dualism and split with asia explained by the blitz empire of alexander the great. catholicism as the explanation for the spread of dualism in europe. protestantism as exallerator. showing the enormous influence of cultural realities. By Thomas Kuhn labelled as 'paradigms'. articles about aristole, aquinas, kant, nietzsche, wittgenstein, kuhn, capitalism, industrialism, rationalism, dualism, intelligence, mind body split, terrorism, catholicism, good and evil, emotion, intuition, human brain, paradigm shift, western science, cultural drift, popper kuhn debate, middle east, israel palestine conflict, etc.
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mind body dualism paradigm shift
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Monday 12, 2014
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