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Custom clothing is often more expensive than regular off-the-rack clothing. Yet, custom clothes are hard to beat quality-wise. When you purchase clothing from a suit or dressmaker, you can bet that you will purchase an item that fits perfectly. Many seamstresses and tailors also allow customers to choose materials. Before hiring someone to make custom clothing for you, ask for referrals. Since custom clothes cannot be altered after an item has been made, it is important to know exactly what kind of work a seamstress or tailor can do. It is also a good idea to see a design of the item you want to purchase before you ask a professional clothing designer to make something for you. Some large department stores can also make custom clothing, and it is possible to contact a famous designer in order to commission a custom article of clothing.
If you don’t have enough funds to spend on a custom item, consider taking a regular item to a tailor or seamstress. These professionals can alter any item you purchase, which, in some ways, will turn an ordinary off-the-rack item into a custom item. We publish information about custom clothing on our Clothing-Custom Directory page. Search through our directory to find information about custom clothing. You are bound to find a custom clothing designer near you. Nearly anything that you want can be made to fit your body specifically. From suits to ball gowns, custom clothing can be yours for the right price.
We sell all types of shirts and other items that we have printed in house. We print for lots of schools in our area and do print for many local business's. We have our own banner maker and can do them in most sizes and colors. We also do custom hats and beanies. Our T-shirts are our number one seller along with our polo line. We do plastic business cards for a great price. We have been in business for only 11 months but we are growing fast. We are getting into the baby plush animals also. Our online auction sales are picking up fast. more info >>
Flashion Statement specializes in making t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jerseys, and more--all of which actually light up! Using the hottest new technology, electroluminescence, we are able to create designs that illuminate. Imagine your company`s logo lighting up on a sweatshirt or t-shirt--our products instantly attract attention and will make your name stand out. These are unique gift ideas, perfect for bar mitzvah or bachelorette party favors. We also specialize in making custom clothing for schools, illuminating your sports team`s name and logo, and even your players last names. Flashion Statement strives to make unique clothing that will attract attention to your company, charity, fundraiser, special event, school, sorority, or any other group. Check out all of our products on our web site to see our light up safety equipment, posters, fashion accessories, and more! more info >>
GearOne supplies embroidered apparel for companies and organizations. We have 27+ years of experience making quality embroidered and screen printed apparel. All of our apparel and accessories are manufactured in house so that we can offer the best possible price and get them to our customers as quickly as possible. Most of our clients are repeat customers because of our established customer service and high quality work. After nearly three decades in the industry we have refined our process to be the highest quality in our sector. Call us toll free or visit our website. Contact GearOne today, we want to work with you! more info >>
Hiras Fashion has spent almost 60 years of unparalleled dedication to the world of bespoke tailoring. Hong Kong’s foremost visiting tailors have roamed around the world to share their handmade and masterful works of wearable art to everyone in search for the ultimate bespoke experience. A Hong Kong British, family-owned company, Hiras is all about creating the finest handmade tailor made suits, shirts, sports jackets, tuxedos, and outerwear for men and women with a palate for classic or modern styles, great form and function. Every detail of the bespoke suit is precisely measured to fit the individual and painstakingly hand stitched by a skilled tailor in Hong Kong for almost 40 hours. more info >> | Your Exclusive Tshirt Hub or SukaTee PrintHouse is a custom T-shirt printing company that targeting on every individual that would like to create a special or their only own T-shirt e.g Couple Tshirt, Family Tshirt, Business Tshirt and etc . We are using digital printing method or being called Direct-To-Garment (DTG) method that enable us to print full colour T-shirt on demand. We don’t have any minimum order requirement and we always ensure our clients to get the best of the best inline with our tagline "Your Exclusive T-shirt Hub" thats mean your personal satisfaction for our T-shirts are our first priority. more info >>
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