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By the time you read this, the most cutting edge gadget you own will be obsolete. Okay, we’re exaggerating a bit, but there’s some truth to that sentiment in this day and age of consumer electronics. The ingenuity of today’s finest minds and the voracious appetite of an increasingly discerning consumer base has the electronics industry churning out eyebrow raising gadgets, tools, audio/video components, video games, cameras, flashlights and all manner of fancy gizmos at a rate that’ll make your head spin. And with all the emerging technology and terminology surrounding specifications—bits, megawatts, megapixels, resolutions, bitrates, frame rates, frequencies, bandwidth—it’s almost like you have to learn a second language just to keep up. Not only that, it’s a language that changes every quarter as soon as the latest and greatest piece of gear gets revealed.
It’s crazy—but you know you love it. We do, too. We love researching and reviewing new products and reading showdowns and comparisons between competing products (smartphones, laptops, computers, stereo systems, camcorders). We love having our minds blown and, in a strange way, we even like being let down by an overhyped gadget, too. It’s almost like a full time job keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not, but it can be done. The websites, links, blogs, articles and resources linked from our Consumer Electronics subcategory of our Shopping directory will show you how.
Click on the links to find all the product reviews, sales, buyer’s guides, manuals and beginner’s tutorials you’ll need to shop like a pro.
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