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Funeral service in London offering cremations, burials and repatriation. We have a large supply of caskets and coffins. We do green funerals, horse drawn funerals, religious and non religious. Funerals start from £850, our site lists all of our prices for packages, coffins, crematoriums and cemeteries. We also accept Dwp claims. Viewing is available in our chapels or any place of worship to suit you. What ever your funeral needs are our professional team is here to help your every need. No funeral is to small or to large for our team. Our team will advise you of all your options. For any advice please contact one of professional funeral directors on 0208 123 3635. more info >>
The company Gustav Michel GmbH & Co. KG is a german manufacturer of coffin hardware and casket hardware. They produce since 1907 coffin handles and coffin accessories in a big variety and market these products on an international basis through their network of coffin producers and specialists for funeral supplies. GM is also well known for it´s durable transport coffins and removal coffins as well as it´s newly invented Urncapes cremation urns. These special textile urns or fabric urns are the best eco-certified replacement for old style funeral urns. Please visit our website to find more information for funeral homes and funeral directors on GM funeral supplies. more info >>
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