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Portal for ordering food, write reviews, restaurant menu, food deals of restaurants serving authentic biryani and indian delicacies, customer`s would have wide options of restaurants in their cities to order online, we are updating vast menu databases for particular restaurants and will give you references before you order your food with that restaurants reviews help you to identify your taste of restaurants and menu`s they serve, yes its a complete portal for your food desire go ahead and have a great meal. We select restaurats based on the food they serve authentic Biryani, Indian and Tasndoor items thgey serve its necessary for the restaurant to have Biryani as part of their menu to list with us also other cuisines they serve can be dispalyed in our portal the portal is designed to give a unique experience to the users of vast options on Biryani and other Indian delicacies. more info >>
Biltong maker-Biltong makers-Biltong box-droewors
Are you looking for a biltong maker which you can make biltong in your own home. Then our biltong machine is for you. Our biltong making machine is a biltong machine used for making dried beef. So if you are wanting to make you biltong, droewors or dried fruit at home then the biltong making machine is the best choice for you. Biltong is one of South Africas best products and is a dried beef, dipped in vinegar and spices and then fan dried at home. On our website you can buy the biltong maker, you will soon be able to buy biltong spice and you can also find lots of different recipes including a biltong and droewors recipe. more info >>
Double 8 Foods is a full service grocery store offering fresh meats, vegetables and fruits, staples and convenience items with a specialty in southern/soul/African American cooking. The address listed is that of Double 8`s headquarters. The grocery store locations are: 3902 N. Illinois, 2907 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 4565 N. College Avenue, 555 Fairfield, and 2947 N. Sherman. Double 8 is a family owned and operated grocery store chain on the north side of Indianapolis. It has served the residents of a variety of neighborhoods since 1957. The Fairfield store offers, in addition, the Dollar Store and the deli. The website presents information about the store proper, as well as a variety of southern/soul cooking recipes complete with video instruction. more info >>
We deliver bagels right from new york to anyone, anywhere! The bagels we send are made with Big Apple love, and are fresh and authentic. Bagels are found in so many places, but, the only place that makes the best bagels is New York. Do we got 'em? Fuggeddabbout it. We send bagels anywhere. If you're not a bagel lover now, you will be after having one of ours! And if you are already a bagel lover, boy will we make you smile! Send bagels to someone you love, wherever they may be. We have every type of bagel imaginable.... poppy, sesame, everything, pumpernickel, plain, salt, you name it! more info >>
A place to discover and buy online the typical products of gastronomy of the region Calabria, in the south of Italy. The site is currently in Italian but performs shipments to all Europe. Aglio olio e peperoncino (garlic oil and chili) is a site very descriptive and always updated with many regional specialties as nduja of Spilinga, pasta, olive oil, Calabrian chili, cheese, tuna and anchovies, salami with certification of origin, wines and many other. The choice of the name is a tribute to the chili, the King of the typical products of Calabria, and the pasta with garlic and oil, the simplest and best known Italian recipe. more info >>
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