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Hakoniwado - Japanese green tea shop
If once you were disappointed with bitter and astringent taste of green tea please read this and reconsider trying it once more. Many variables affect taste of green tea. Most important are: brewing methods, season when it was picked up, which leaves were used, processing methods, proper storage and packing, age of tea etc. You can learn basics of brewing Japanese green tea on our site, it's first and necessary step. First season green tea has higher vitamin content, sweetness and rich flavor with little to no bitterness, compared to second and third season robust and strong astringent taste. Green tea didn't undergo oxidation and is sensitive to wrong storage, contact with air reduces quality and taste. Japanese green tea can be stored only up to 2 years in vacuum sealed package or about 3-4 month (in air tight container) after it was opened before it will start loosing it's qualities. Because green tea didn't undergo oxidation, it's also great source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and many other long term health benefits.
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Monday 03, 2011
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