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Good Stuff Handmade features large beautiful handmade custom wood ottoman trays and serving trays. Each tray, created by the artisan, is a unique one of a kind work of art. Each piece of wood is chosen for its own original grain pattern, therefore, no two trays are ever alike. Our large custom size ottoman trays, and serving trays, are an attractive way to turn your ottoman into a functional beautiful coffee table. On our stain chart, we offer a variety of colors to suit your particular style. Please visit our ottoman tray shop or our serving tray shop pages to purchase the tray that fits your own home decor. We accept all major credit cards and process each transaction through PayPal for the highest level of security. Good Stuff Handmade guarantees the most affordable prices offered on the web. more info >>
Dancing Moon LLC works with artists in different fields including woodworkers, art painters, and blacksmiths to create fine custom furniture products and accessories. We have combined these talents into the creation of each product. Each product is Limited Edition and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our team is continuously involved in the design of new exciting products with a high level of creativity and dedication. We live by the principles of: Cooperation, Quality, Safety, Sustainability, and Excellence in Design. We have extended our Sustainability policies into the design, manufacturing, and shipping phases. We harvest our wood materials from old structures and use different species of wood including chestnut, oak, kauri, pine, and maple. The reclaimed wood also has the advantage of adding a unique character that can’t be easily duplicated using new wood. Contact us with questions or suggestions; you will receive a prompt response. more info >>
At the website you can see a range of exclusive iron furniture: (canopy) beds, table sets, chairs, sofa sets, racks, mirrors, benches, coffee tables, bar stools and more items for home as well for garden. Most of the products are hand-forded and have traditional design, on the other hand we offer lots of modern metal furniture too. The products are powder painted and then at your request covered by hand with a patina. Outdoor furniture is galvanized before painting. Furniture shops, restaurants, hotels and all customers can benefit from ordering the furniture directly from our plant based in Poland. Metalarte is very flexible and able to change dimensions and design of furniture. more info >>
Moroccan Rug Decor
Beni ouarain, vintage Moroccan rug, some Moroccan decorating ideas for a Moroccan decorating in the crazy charm. Moroccan decorating is already fashionable for several years and the wealth and the reputation of the handcraft of Morocco are not to be any more made. Indeed, what more luxurious in an interior, than a magnificent Moroccan rug? Kilim, Beni ourain and vintage rug, famous Moroccan rugs, are wonderful carpets 100 % natural organic wool, hand spun and knotted, in brilliant colors. They confer interiors which welcome them, an oriental and mysterious charm and in the same time an intimacy in warm tones. more info >>
Remember that beautiful rocking horse you coveted as a child? The treasured antique you dared not touch but longed to ride? Gordon Buchanan, of Mountain Top Timbers, in Dorrigo NSW, brings dreams like yours to life - his touch never fails. Whether your preference is Black or Brown, Dapple or Bay, his hand carved traditional horses will brighten your day. Like the timeless timber furniture he makes, restores and refines, the Mountain Top Timbers Rocking Horse is a testament to Gordon's craftsmanship, a masterpiece of design. Employing a mixture of traditional methods and modern techniques, he uses only the finest materials when creating his future antiques. While you're treating yourself to a Rocking Horse, you could order a Kid's Table and Chair - with hand carved name on the backrest - for the child that's going to beg you to share! more info >>
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