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Parentgiving is a site dedicated to providing the best possible information and products for elder care. Parentgiving prides itself on being able to provide information - in the form of articles, directories, guides, and expert support - as well as products such as adult bed rails and incontinence supplies to help adults care for their elderly parents. Parentgiving is conveniently broken into sections for shopping, expert advice, home care, buyers guides, and articles. Our customer service staff are trained in all manner of elder care products and are on call to help you find and order the best elder care products for your unique needs. more info >>
Founded by a large group of Orthopaedic Technicians, and international market managers, Smart Reha Ortopädie Gmbh provides high quality aids at the most competitive prices on market including mobility aids (wheelchairs - manual and powerchairs - lift-chars, walkers, scooters) accessories (cushions and belts) and any other product concerning rehabilitation and mobility solution. Our 30 years experience leads us to the newest technologies to provide most advanced products: a team of engineers, joint to qualified Physiotherapists, was made to reasearch, conceive and test new products such as diagnosis tools , biomedical devices, seating systems. We deliver our knowhow to final costumers as well as to public health institutions. Smart Reha Ortopädie Gmbh undertake bulk operations to cater the needs of different companies providing exquisite and unheard of features to improve people’s life. more info >>
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