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The Flute Reviewer website has been built to provide people looking to buy flutes with reviews that provide a clear description of the flute under review. The reviews look at the types of materials that go into making the flute, how the player can progress within the manufacturers range and explains many of the terms that are promoted on web sites that may be difficult to understand for the junior player. The reviews are provided from a mixture of personal experience and information research from manufacturers and sellers sites to produce a review that provides a one stop location for understanding the features and benefits of a particular flute. Flute Reviewer is a truly user friendly site and welcomes feedback from visitors to help build upon the available reviews with real usage comments. more info >>
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Drobed is a website that helps you find and buy things being used by great artists. Ever wonder what is that t-shirt, glasses, shoe, dress, gear and a lot of stuff that your favorite artist is using? And that really nice venue and recording studio? We search all over the internet for these Music Things and bring it to you by tagging some really great images and videos. We call these tags ‘drobes’ and we have a lot of drobes! We hope to help you find and buy something that you love, styled by an artist that you love too. more info >>
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