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Green Living
Woven Bags,Recycled Bags,Pop Top Bags & more
Woven and non-woven, handmade, recycled handbags and accessories. For every fashion forward wardrobe. Our products are made from recycled and up-cycled refuse and cast offs such as plastic bags, candy wrappers, old tires, and pop tops. Some of the materials are woven into fabulous designs and innovative purses for the modern woman, while others are transformed by sewing the pieces to make wonderful fashion statements that will bring attention and comments on your marvelous handbag. Although the materials in these handbags and accessories are unusual it does not diminish the perfection of workmanship or the quality of each of our bags. Each handbag is a work of art made by dedicated artisans . more info >>
I am bringing together links from around the world which all have an environmentally friendly theme in common. Links to sites selling everything from solar panels to organic produce, rain water harvesting to natural pet products. I will be constantly updating the site as I find more and more products that fit the theme. I want to make it easier for people to find and compare the products available so that we can start to make the world a cleaner place to live in. I would like to hear from others who wish to advertise their products on my site. We only have one planet and it is time we started looking after it. more info >>
Green Cleaning Products |
For decades we have used harsh chemicals to clean in our homes, and it makes sense. If you want to kill nasty bacteria and viruses you have to use harsh chemicals, right? Actually you don't. You just have to use chemicals that will denature, or break down proteins, since all bacteria and viruses are protein based. It turns out that there are some chemicals that are non-toxic to humans, but can still denature proteins of bacteria and viruses, effectively killing them. So instead of using chemicals that can cause harm to the user, green cleaning products can be used, which still clean and sanitize without hurting the user or the environment. more info >>
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