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Eclectic Artisans is an online marketplace bringing the international pagan and wiccan communities together one artist at a time. The idea for our marketplace came into fruition after realizing that there was a need within the pagan community that was not being fulfilled. The problem was that magical practitioners are always looking for quality, artisan made ritual tools and magical supply, but had to search high and low to find such items. We decided to find a solution, and that solution was to create a website that gives pagans a place to sell their wares online, in one centralized location. This creates a win win scenario for both our customers as well as the local vendors that are selling their handmade products. Our visitors are able to browse one of a kind items within our marketplace such as, ritual tools, altar supplies and statuary, as well as the common essentials for witches such as, herbs, books and divination items to incorporate in their ritual practice. Our local vendors are supported with each purchase made by our customers. Eclectic Artisans' mission is to continue to offer niche products for witches and pagans that will assist one’s spiritual journey, no matter which metaphysical path that may be. more info >>
Healing Crystals Love Metaphysical Boutique: Light the sage and prepare to get stoned, this boutique offers chakra balancing tools for you Inner Chi. We're all about rocks and minerals from jewelry, to wands, to tumbled stones. You will be sure to find the perfect healing Crystal for YOU! Crystals are excellent tools for mediation, yoga, pocket stones, energy grids, or to have in any space. Healing Crystals Love Boutique features: rocks and minerals, Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry: Gemstone Jewelry, crystal balls and spheres, energy grids, Feng Shui decor, and so much more. Shop Now for exclusive savings and discounts. We're always having specials, just for you. more info >>
This site (Athena's Treasure Trove) is dedicated to selling products geared towards spiritual and new age realms. VitaJuwel helps reach the goal of being hydrated! So, we offer those beautiful products as well. There is also a dedicated blog which focuses on the areas around the products that we sell. You will never not find a helping hand at Athena's Treasure Trove. This site started out as a vision of being able to help people while selling beautiful products at the same time. Step by step we seem to be reaching that goal by putting one foot in front of the other. more info >>
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