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Flashaholics supply high power LED torches and flashlights for every occasion from walking the dog to high power search lights for use by Police and Military personnel. LED technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, bringing cutting edge performance to the masses at an affordable price. Advances in batteries, particularly Li-ion rechargeable cells have made torches much smaller, lighter and more powerful. LED manufacturers such as Cree continue to develop more advanced chips that can now reach in excess of 1000 lumens from a single LED. As LED and battery technology continues to advance we expect to see ever more powerful torches to be developed. more info >>
Coloring Pencils is a site that invites reviews from artists and colorists on adult coloring pencils. All the top brands are covered with real user reviews and honest ratings. As well as the reviews there are also links to the big brands as well as a dedicated special offers page. This updates on a daily basis and shows offers from the US, the UK and Canada. New reviews are always welcome as are photo examples of the reviewer's work with the relevant pencils. Our ultimate aim is to become the go to place for honest opinions on the many pencil brands out on the market in the English-speaking countries around the world. more info >>
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