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The tradition of smoking or chewing tobacco extends deep into the roots of culture. From the calumets (peace pipes) ceremonially passed to commemorate treaties, covenants and prayers to the contemporary subculture of smokers that commune over smoke breaks and shared lights, tobacco plays an important role in the past, present and future of society.
Tobacco is most prevalent today in the form of the cigarette. Cigarettes are mass produced, mass marketed and highly controversial. Tobacco is a billion dollar industry, providing economic output in the form of manufacturing and farming jobs as well as via excise taxes. However, the adverse health impacts of tobacco use have raised a strong outcry from public health advocates. Nicotine, a substance found in tobacco, is believed to be highly addictive, while prolonged use of tobacco is believed to be a contributor to cancer, emphysema and other life threatening maladies.
In spite of the controversy that rages over the regulation and marketing of tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other tobacco products are firmly ingrained in international culture. Cigars are a hallmark of high society and celebration, the maverick image of cowboys is synonymous with cigarettes and baseball players are notorious for their cheeks full of snuff. For these reasons, and others, tobacco use bears undeniable cultural significance across all societies.
For those concerned about the potential health impacts of tobacco use as well as those in pursuit of higher refinement and a smoother drag, there’s a lot to learn about tobacco use and tobacco products. Our Tobacco directory is included within our Shopping directory to help guide consumers towards the finest quality tobacco products on the market. Here, you can learn about buying high quality cigars as well as natural and organic tobacco products at prices that make this compulsive or passionate habit more affordable.
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