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Hitting the road? There are quite a few things you’ll need to purchase. From intangibles like reservations and insurance to commodities like luggage, road maps and travel accessories, planning a trip often means filling up your shopping cart and opening up your wallet. As with all consumer decisions, there’s a definite risk involved in both paying too much and spending too little. As thrifty travelers, many families, businessmen and wayward souls feel compelled to cut corners, pinch pennies and stretch dollars. But such stinginess could leave you up a creek without a paddle—literally and figuratively. Expenses such as travelers insurance, navigational devices, SIM cards, calling cards and first aid kits may seem like extraneous purchases until they are the one thing that can get you out of a jam.
On the flip side, paranoid or spendy individuals may err on the side of indulgence and over-preparedness. Prioritizing which expenses will realistically contribute to a more enjoyable travel experience and which ones can be safely cut from the budget may allow you to enjoy an extra week on the beach or a smaller dent left in your savings account.
The secret to savvy travel shopping, however, is persistently elusive. In fact, the only definitive way to know what’s worth it and what’s a rip off is through experience. Luckily, you can learn from the mistakes and good fortune of travelers before you thanks to the resources compiled in our Travel directory—part of our Shopping directory. Like all categories in our Shopping directory, our Travel directory is geared towards making you a smarter consumer. Peruse some of the links, websites and guides in our Travel directory and save money and enjoy the wide world to the fullest.
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