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M and J Car Wash
M & J Car Wash is now over ten years old - a decade of providing a classic hand car wash for every vehicle’s interior, and exterior. There are not many services around these that days that offer such a personalized service that is not only detailed - cleaning every single nook and cranny of your car, but also one that is fast, and performed by experts that know what they are doing.This is why we at M and J decided to offer an old-fashioned had wash service. We understand that, just like a recently cleaned suit, a clean and sparkling vehicle gives you a successful and confident appearance, whether you are out on the town for the evening, or attending that important business meeting; A clean car says something about you, and our staff understand the care and attention such a service requires.We use only quality cleaning products and are environmentally friendly by saving harsh chemicals being washed into the water supply. more info >>
Are you are thinking of buying a new family vehicle? Have you considered an SUV with 3rd row seating? 3 Row SUVs are very versatile vehicles and they provide a lot of value for their owners. They can carry 7, 8 or even up to 9 passengers depending on the model. There are several different models of SUVs with 3 row seating available from almost every major automaker. Models range in size from small compact SUVs to full size vehicles that can haul larger trailers or campers. Use our helpful reviews and list of current 3 row SUVs to determine which vehicle is right for you and your lifestyle. Compare seating capacity, price and gas mileage ratings quickly and easily. more info >>
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