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Graffiti everywhere
Graffiti is often the graphical expression of pent up emotion; anger, frustration and despair. Take any poor region, a region with unhappy inhabitants and there are likely to be slogans painted on walls. Greece has been undergoing inner economic turmoil because of the EU bailout and shrinking job market. Huge numbers of out of work people vent their frustration on government buildings and anything else that represent ‘the enemy’. People graffiti buildings and walls for other reasons as well. It can be just because they’re there and offer a large space that teenagers can playfully adorn and compete with each other in the most attractive graffiti lettering. Dangerous situations also offer a challenge, hence graffiti on underpasses, railway embankments, down the sides of bridges. For young people going through a period of rebellion, graffiti may be considered ‘cool’, a rite of passage.
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Date added
Tuesday 05, 2014
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