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Equality Mag - An Online Magazine and Community
Equality Mag is an online magazine and community of people who fight for equal rights, no matter your gender, race, nationality, or sexual identity. Their mission thrives off of love, acceptance, community, passion, and equality. EM gathers resources for minorities and those who are less privileged, curates lists of petitions to sign, shares stories of its members, and promotes news stories relevant to the cause. EM tries to engage people in discussions that are unbiased yet accepting, in order to share love and fight against ignorance. Although it's a new website and a small following, EM is growing due to the people behind it that believe in change. They believe that anyone can help in the fight against inequality and discrimination, even if it's just by joining the discussion. more info >>
Operating as a 21st-century non-partisan thinktank for mankind, The Sustainabilitist constitutes an attempt to explore human practices and lifestyles through the perspectives of sustainability and resilience. Namely, it draws upon the existing works from environmentalists, social activists, conservationists, holistic health practitioners, sustainability-minded designers, whistleblowers and network engineers, and elevate their combined contributions to a different playing field through extensive investigative research into health, lifestyle, design and policies, all of the while synthesizing existing practical philosophical notions and constructs. Through the inventions of novel concepts and applications pertaining to sustainabilitism, The Sustainabilitist acts in essence as an online archive which promotes a sustainable future for the mankind, and as a potential curriculum for the future global citizens seeking to make relevant changes towards a more sustainable, resilient and equitable world. more info >>
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