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Everyone has a different take on what happens after death thanks to religion and the belief in whether there is or is not some type of afterlife. Christians believe you go to heaven if you are good and hell if you are bad while other religions believe you enter the hereafter immediately following death. Death is a scary thing for people to talk, or even think about, while they are still alive thanks to the great unknown. Life after death is a big topic in society among religious groups, philosophers, doctors and scientists. The one thing everyone can agree on however is that after death your body is no longer living and breathing and you are no longer a part of Earth as a life form. Death is such a popular topic of conversation and controversy that it is covered in pop culture on a regular basis. TV shows and movies like Lost and Ghost become fixtures in our society because they ask many questions about death and what comes along with it. Are we prepared when we do die? How can we possibly know? In our society directory on death, we welcome websites that go over many of the questions that are asked again and again concerning death. We’ve also reserved slots for links to websites that offer information about Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Christian beliefs so you can learn about each and come to your own conclusions once the information is in front of you. So, if you have a website that covers these topics, please get in touch with us by clicking the Submit Site link. The most amazing thing about death is the ability to make your own interpretation of what it really is and will be.
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