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Distance Learning
Hello English - Learning English online
Our unique system uses state of the art speech recognition and artificial intelligence, backed by fully qualified English language teachers, to enable you to improve your English language skills. Our system offers the combined benefits of private one to one tuition, with the convenience of web based study, to enable you to practice and improve your English language skills anywhere, and at any time. You will be guided through a carefully and professionally planned course in English language, covering the five key skills of reading, writing, understanding, speaking and listening. Unlike other systems, you will receive immediate feedback and guidance as you work. Our system is primarily aimed at overseas students wishing to study or work in the UK or other English speaking countries, and will give you the skills and confidence you need to communicate effectively in a professional or academic environment, as well as socially. more info >>
Do you want a choice of different level courses in Wedding and Events Management? The ability to choose home study, weekend or a one to one course? Then the Wedding Planner School is the one for you. Our courses are available at 3 levels dependent on experience and the choice of how you take them is up to you. We will ensure you will gain a strong focus on gaining clients, your career and customer care when wedding planning or managing an event. Our courses will offer you the potential for a rewarding life long career. With the ability to enrol either over the phone or from the internet what could be simpler so sign up today. more info >>
MediLifeNet - Doctors /Medical Students/Nurses
A Personal and Professional Networking Site for Doctors, Medical Students, Nurses and other medical professionals Worldwide. Share medical cases, blogs, images, videos, books, multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentations in the site in free time. It contain thousands of medical photos, videos, books, multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentations and lecture notes for doctors, medical students, nurses and other medical professionals world wide. Make your friends throughout the world. MediLifeNet is dedicated for Doctors, Medical Students and other professionals world wide. MediLifeNet covers the whole field of basic sciences of medicine, and emphasizes the application of this knowledge to human concerns. Fun and exiting learning experiences await you at the MediLifeNet online learning center. more info >>
Course is designed to equip you with facilitation skills that can be immediately used, making you an effective manager. Project Management is not only about how well you know the work processes, but also how well you interact with people and the question: `Can I take the maximum of my team and make them to participate voluntarily?`. Even though the course is enough to equip you with all you need to know, additional reading materials are offered! By the end of this course, you will be equipped with facilitator knowledge that you can use instantly in your organization and that will help you make better results. more info >>
Learn English Online
Learn with the best online teaching course ever. Cheap reliable and tutors any employer would dream of. Start your new life today learn English online. We offer 1-on-1 online English classes with native speakers from native speaking countries. Learn from home through skype. All you need is a headset and good internet access. Hours to suit your needs - morning, afternoon or evening we can fit you in. more info >>
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