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Where do stories come from? Some stories are created by authors. Other stories are fashioned simply by time. Stories that are handed down from generation to generation are often considered folkloric stories. Sometimes, these stores are based upon true facts. Other times, folklore is based purely upon fiction. A few folktales were invented in order to frighten children or prevent people from performing certain tasks. These tales are often useful when attempt to stop someone from doing something bad. Many great folktales have been created and spread throughout history. In fact, some tales that you might deem to be true today may actually be folktales. Separating folktales from reality is hard to do. You can begin finding out the origins of a folktale by researching a particular story. Then again, you might not find the research that you are looking for.
Every culture tends to have a different set of folktales. You might not know the tales that are part of another culture, but that doesn’t mean that these tales don’t exist. Reading about the tales that other cultures enjoy is a great way to learn about people around the world. You will find that your local library has an array of books about famous folktales. Read about some of the tales that you don’t know. You might even find that the tales you know are a lot like tales from other parts of the world. In our Folklore Directory, you will find information about folklores. We collect and publish this information, so that you can begin your folklore research quickly. Find out about the folktales that make the world go around, and learn what you and your fellow human beings have in common.
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