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Where do you come from? That’s the driving question behind any inquiry into your personal genealogy or the genealogy of a certain people, culture, nation or family. There is perhaps no study more telling about the present and the future than an investigation of the past. By tracing your roots through history, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you came to the lifestyle that you enjoy now.
Genealogy is a fascinating field in that it fosters both a connection with your culture, region and era as well as a greater understanding of your own personal history. In this way, studying the origins of your ancestors and the story of your forbearers is beneficial to you on a personal level as well as humanity at large. In fact, much of what we know about our history as a culture today was uncovered through research into one’s own family history.
Because studying your genealogy and tracing your family tree is so important and persistently intriguing to families and individuals throughout the ages, there are a number of resources, records, professional services and guides that can help you along your way. Our goal in creating the Genealogy directory within our Society directory was to compile some of these resources for your use and enjoyment.
Take time to browse through the listings and subcategories that we’ve included in our Genealogy directory—and be sure to check back often. As we discover new websites that can help you in tracing your genealogy, we’ll add them right here so you can find them easily.
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