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Holidays bring happiness and celebration to most people around the world. Many holidays are celebrated by millions of people while some holidays are only celebrated by a few handfuls of people. When people in North America say “the holidays” most of the time this term refers to the Christmas season. However, there are many other holidays that are celebrated throughout the world. Some people celebrate the harvest season while other people celebrate Orthodox holidays. Generally, all holidays provide the perfect excuse to spend time with family members and friends. Usually, a holiday is also accompanied by large amounts of food. Some cultures reserve specific foods for specific holidays. Other cultures prepare large feasts for holiday lunches or dinners.
Finding out about the many holidays that people celebrate throughout the world is a lot of fun. When you learn about other cultures, you are also learning about your fellow human beings. Pick up a book in order to find out what holidays are popular in Switzerland. Or, browse the Internet to find out which holidays are important to people who live in China. The world is bursting with holidays to explore and discover. We love holidays, which is why we spend our time gathering and posting information about holidays on our Holidays Directory page. You will find helpful information when looking at our page. You will also discover that people around you may celebrate unique holidays. The world “holiday” has a different meaning to everyone – what does a holiday mean to you?
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