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The idea that there are mysterious things out there that cannot be explained is certainly not a new one. People in all walks of life have been intrigued by the possibility of extra terrestrial life and paranormal activities for as long as the history books have been written. Things that cannot be explained obviously excite and scare us as our brain attempts to make sense of something that has no scientific explanation. The paranormal phenomena are especially prevalent in pop culture and folklore due to the fact that stories that are tough to explain can be very entertaining. Ghosts, spiritual entities, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects (UFO) and things like crop circles, spontaneous fires and levitation are all paranormal and have seemingly no logical explanation. Although there are always experts that say each and every thing that happens can be explained in a logic based way – sometimes their logic is tough to believe. Popular movies and television shows like Fringe, The X Files, Paranormal Activity and the Blair Witch Project are created each year around the topic of paranormal activity. Our directory focuses on the paranormal in society and digs deep into what specifically paranormal events and activities are and how they have been documented. We’ll also include information on events that have happened throughout the world that cannot be explained and links to movies, television shows and books that dive deep into paranormal topics. This directory will explain the unexplainable.
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