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Jevan Pipitone - free music, drawings, and writing contains a lot of artistic content created by Jevan Pipitone and I hope that you will find it an interesting website and enjoy your time viewing the site and listening to the songs. includes art such as watercolour and pencil drawings and drawings made by Jevan using the freeware smoothdraw software, as well as a link to my youtube smoothdraw drawing demonstration. The music on includes links to jevan singing karaoke, as well as songs I have made myself. The writing is creative writing which is various things Jevan has written. Also there are links to photos taken by Jevan which is hosted on photobucket, as well as a wordpress blog. There are also 3D software examples in the form of videos made using the various easy to use 3D software. 3D software was selected as examples that are easy to use, that anyone can use to create 3D web content, just like I have done (or even better). All of this information and artistic content is accessible from more info >>
Nunki is your passage to the razzle and the dazzle of the colourful Movie Valley in this special collection! Nunki gives you beautiful women and incredible hunks. Nunki also has special collections for the mighty warships of sci-fi, the great presidents of Movie Valley and also introduce the big 5 movie makers to you! Siqik also brings acknowledgement to the great hero`s that we have met through time. Nunki is part of the new age Siqik Social Community, which whole purpose is to enlighten and delight cyber dwellers, and Siqik gives a much needed homepage where all the social website links are clustered! more info >>
Isha Ambani is the daughter of Mukesh Ambani he is the richest person in the world. he owns oil industry in India and reliance company with success in jio opening ceremony. She has a net worth of 400 crores and has 2 brothers even they own company share. She has engaged with billionaire son diamond merchant and he is a childhood friend of her. An even her father own ipl team name Mumbai Indians and it is even has clicked so he is rich. her house in Mumbai is the richest house in the world with high story building in Mumbai, India. She has owned so many businesses with her mother and her uncle Anil Ambani son of Dubai Ambani. more info >>
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