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College Life
If you're thinking of getting any type of body piercing be sure to visit our website first. We strive to provide quality information so you can make an informed decision on what type of body piercing is the right choice for you. We go over various types including, ear, cartilage, frenulum both lower and upper, commonly known as the tongue web and smiley piercings. We always cover the risks, proper aftercare steps, jewelry choices, safe material types, pain scales, and of course the mitigation and rejection chances so you can make an educated choice before you head to your local studio. more info >>
My college life. Recalling the times during my school year how I change from a in-confident person who did poorly for my studies to became a motivated confident person who later excel in my studies at University. In the blog I also share some of the goals I set for myself and how I am going to achieved. Beside, I will also share how I cope with my studies and the university lifestyle there. How to due with family far away from me. And the the journey after my completion of university to a new environment of workforce will be mentioned. I hope reader will be interested of my personal stories and hope will enjoys reading it. more info >>
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