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Dude related is a men's blog covering the latest in gear, gadgets, style, technology, food, sports and more. We're always on the prowl looking for the best inspirations that will turn into a great story for our readers. Our writers, all men, have a variety of life experiences from business to students. This allows you, the reader, to get different perspectives as you read through our articles. We stay on top of the latest and greatest happenings and tell you how they may affect your life and well being. Come along with us as we discuss issues that concern men. more info >>
The Countryside Gentleman is a life and style blog by men and for men. We write about a variety of topics including (but not limited to) travelling, cigars and pipes, beer and whiskey, women and dating, finance, cars and trucks, sports, food, men's styles and fashion, manner and etiquette and so much more. We put an emphasis on getting out into the world to learn new things and truly enjoy and experience life in an ever changing world. So get out into the world, learn, give back and live everyday to the fullest. The world around you is changing and so should you! more info >>
Iron and Iron is a blog that exists to encourage and challenge christian men. Written by Anthony Ashley, Iron and Iron is about helping men thrive, grow, and remain challenged to grow closer to God and their true identity as sons. Topics include manliness and manhood, fathering, being a son, culture, sex and sexuality, film and books, and really anything that has to do with being a man. The voice of Iron and Iron is honest, straight-forward, and hard-hitting but also encouraging and gospel-centric. If you're looking for a discussion on life as a Christian men then join in at Iron and Iron. more info >>
This is the Step-by-Step Guide to Manliness: fitness, grooming, style, knowledge, skills, and other men's lifestyle subjects. This carefully crafted men's guide serves to teach and inspire the modern man by exposing him to a plethora of lifestyle do’s and don'ts in order to achieve the best version of themselves. Learn to be your own man, a true rugged fellow. Articles include learning how to cook a proper steak in a cast iron skillet as well as how to trim a beard the right way. This guide will explore what it is to be truly rugged gentleman and deliver that information in a sound and concise manner. more info >>
Indomitable Audacity Is a men's website that works to help men become the best version of their best selves. We aim to do this by supplying the resources necessary to make the transformation from mediocre to extraordinary. Anyone who embraces the indomitable Audacity lifestyle will be better off for it because what is better than attempting fearlessly and accomplishing masterfully. In order to make sure men become their best selves, the site is full of information on relationships, entrepreneurship, finances, grooming, dating, and of course blogging. We write about what we know so you can be sure that everything is from personal experiences. Come and discover yourself at Indomitable Audacity more info >>
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