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The SENIORSonly Club discussion forum is, as the name suggests, open only to those who are seniors, which we define as being fifty years old or older. Baby boomers may not feel like seniors yet, but they qualify as long as they have reached the age of fifty. The SENIORSonly Club forum is unique also, because we use first and last names as member names rather than handles or collections of letters and numbers. For the sake of privacy, pseudonyms are allowed, but only when they appear to be real names. In other words, members may use a name other than their own as long as it looks like a real name, although many of our members choose to use their actual names. Forum topics are not restricted to typical senior topics, such as retirement and health care. Rather, a wide variety of topics are featured, and other may be added as long as there are seniors interested in discussing them. Participation in the forum requires registration, but there is no charge for membership.
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Tuesday 10, 2015
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