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Diversity is what makes people unique. All people are different, and those people who do not live life like the majority of the population are often consider to be part of a subculture. There are many different types of subcultures. People who wear gothic clothing and visiting gothic clubs and bars are often part of the “goth” subculture. Likewise, people who spend their days lifting weight and hanging out at gyms are part of the “bodybuilding” subculture. Becoming part of a subculture is not hard to do. You simply have to find a group of people who believe in the same things that you believe in. After spending some time with these people, you will become part of a subculture group. Being part of a subculture group is not good or bad in any manner. Simply, becoming part of a subculture just means that you are not like everyone else around you.
Some subcultures are very interesting to study. Throughout time, various subcultures have gained a good deal of attention. During the 1960s and 1970s, people who were considered “hippies” were part of a large subculture. During the 1950s, rebellious individuals were part of a different subculture. Picking up a book about different subcultures is a great way to find out more about unique individuals. We compile and post details about various subcultures on our website. By looking through our Subcultures Directory, you will find many helpful links and bits of information. The more that you read about other cultures, even subcultures, the better you will understand the world around you!

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