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Wish to remove DRM protection from your audio and video files? Then download and use Tunebite! Tunebite is a reliable DRM remover, which also converts your audio and video files to formats you desire. Tunebite also assists you in retrieving all the latest music from the Internet or via ripping the music played on online radio channels. Are you into videos? Then use Tunebite to download videos and films from YouTube, Hulu, Ebaumsworld, Google Video, MySpace, Yahoo! Music, QuickSilverScreen and many more online portals. The upgraded version of Tunebite, Audials One, allows you to rip DVD films to video and share it with your friends. Audials One also provides you with unlimited music downloaded for free via the Internet. more info >>
Remove DRM from all files with Soundtaxi
Soundtaxi is a software application developed to assist the user in removing the DRM-protectionn from both audio and video files. When files are protected with DRM, or any other type of copy-protection, it is impossible to copy, transfer or share the files - DRM-protected files are limited for us on the device, or computer, they`ve been downloaded to or purchased from. Soundtaxi solves this problem by removing the DRM and converting the files into a new format - like WMA to MP3 etc. more info >> is a free online tool that helps you convert and download any videos online with little to no effort at all. WVF is a award winning app that has been awarded by GoldWebAwards and been featured in many startup magazines like smashup and mashable and technorati. The tool instantly converts a video from websites like youtube, metacafe, dailymotion,vimeo and others into MP4 and MP3 format. All you have to do is enter the Video URL and the conversion happens instantly. No waiting, no surveys to fill, totally free. The tool is also available on firefox extension library and chrome library and has a android app version too. more info >>
Ytmp3 is the best free tool that helps you convert any YouTube video and it’s just a matter of seconds. The user has a lot of benefits and facilities available through this amazing online convertor. constantly updates its features so you will get the best experience in the shortest time. Access the most popular online converting tool and be amazed by all these free features.With the basic explanations that you will find on, it will be so easy to convert from YouTube to any audio file you want. The unique feature of convertor helps you get what you want, fast and easy. No more waiting! Get unlimited access by trying online convertor. When the conversion is done, click to download the audio format. With a slick interface, YTMP3 is perfectly compatible with all mobile devices and it can be used to convert as many videos as you want. Whenever you come across an amazing tune, YTMP3 is proud to safely store your favorite tracks on your device. more info >>
YobiYoba is an automatic transcription service allowing you to transform speech into text. You modify or correct the automatic transcript and download it in your favorite format. The service is available for 21 languages. You can upload any type of audio or video files, or archives. This service helps reduce the production time and cost to produce transcripts. The service also aligns existing transcriptions with audio files, thus significantly enhancing usability. Yobiyoba offers three main processing functions: the identification of the language spoken in an audio document, the conversion of recorded speech input to text, and the synchronization of a transcription with the speech signal. more info >>
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