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The design industry is an interesting one full of many different facets. From digital design to interior design, there are many types of design to consider when looking for a position within the design world. Photography often goes hand-in-hand with design, since photographs are frequently a large part of design. If you are looking for information about design or photography, you can begin your search by looking at our Design and Photo Directory page. We collect and publish information about design and photography, so that you can use our site as a sort of reference. You will also find that many great books about design and photography have been written, and your local library has a wealth of information.
If you want to tap into the design or photography field, it will help to gain some experience first. Consider becoming a design or photography apprentice. Once you learn how these professions work, you can then begin your own photography or design business. If you are looking for photography or design objects, you will find that the Internet has many great resources. When shopping for any kind of item, make sure that you buy from a reputable retailer. Both the design and photography profession are vast, but both are also a lot of fun to learn about. Whether you want to snap great magazines photos or redesign the Taj Mahal, researching any design or photography subject that interests you is a great way to begin.
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