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CallnRoam is an International Calling and Easy Roaming service launched by BridgeVoice Inc, U.S.A in the month of October 2010. CallnRoam offers typically a Pay As You Go account and an Unlimited account. With Pay As You Go account, you get FREE "Easy Roaming" wherein Roaming Activation is not needed with your service provider while roaming. You can sign up with any of the Calling plans available with Pay As you go account and get FREE Easy Roaming. Under the Unlimited account, you can talk to your near and dear ones for long hours uninterrupted. All these features are available at extremely low calling rates. You also get FREE Hotline and Speed Dial features wherein you need not dial long numbers but save it in a short form in your mobile and just dial one key on your keypad and continue to connect to your regular contacts very quickly and easily. With CallnRoam you get crystal clear call quality and flawless connectivity. You can forward your cell/land line number to a Callnroam number and continue to receive all your US calls even while roaming anywhere. more info >>
We are a blog that is designed to help the twitterati - new and old experienced or otherwise. We intend to put together a series of links and interesting content which all personnel on the internet and otherwise will find interesting and would like to subscribe too. We intend to ensure the social media enthusiasts join us to make this a truly succesful team where all the social media entrepreneurs and customers contribute to make this social media focussed blog really valuable. This is not something that has not been attempted earlier by other social media enthusiasts but we will make sure we put in a lot of hard work and effort to make this a meaningful exercise for the social media enthusiasts. more info >>
My Reverse Number Trace
If you want to find who owns a phone number then you will need to do a reverse phone lookup. If the caller has used a landline then it is easy to find out who called. Just go to White Pages and you will find a reverse lookup box right there on the front page. If the called used a cell phone then finding out who called isn't quite so easy. You can try using your favorite search engine. Sometimes people leave their contact details online - maybe on their business website or a social network. If that doesn't help you then you will need to find a reliable, reverse phone lookup site. more info >>
Frenxter | Friends For A Purpose
Users can make friends and contribute their story, confession, quotation or sayings and ask questions.It is being made to connect with all your known persons and share your personal and public thoughts. You can upload an unlimited number of photos, post links Confess yourself in front of the users and express all the inner feelings. Find a wide variety of quoations and sayings and share your own or the other famous person said lines.Have a question in your mind just ask to your friends or make it public to get a early answers. Share your unforgettable life moments and make them memorable forever. more info >>
Comm100 is the leader in customer service and customer communication software industry. No matter what your company's current technology base or communications system are, Comm100 products can raise your efficiency and processes to new levels. Comm100 Live Chat is the enterprise-grade live chat software for website, which can help to promote your sales, reduces your operating costs & increases your customer satisfaction. It provides Desktop Client to satisfy different business needs, which works well with all major operating systems including Linux, MAC, Windows, etc. Auto-installation and auto-upgrade are also supported. Mobile Clients for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and other Java based mobiles also available. more info >>
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