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Welcome to The Beginners Blog. It is the Blog related to Internet and technology PC tips and Tricks Internet Tips and tricks and everything towards Internet and Technology. Here we will Expose the Number of guide lines for all internet geeks and talents for the use of technology and many more things. Check the site for more information and importance. This Blog originally Talks about technology and geeks but and experience of Bloggers thoughts and what he had been through so if you want to get more and more technology advice then feel free to subscribe to the blog for more information. more info >>
A publishing platform that lets you write stories with others in a collaborative real-time enviorment. It is easier than writing alone on your own blog because it connects you to other authors, helps you with distribution, and no setup is required. Compared to real time writing solutions like google docs, its made for articles and directly embedded into a social platform. Gamification is applied so authors can build a reputation through other peoples votes, quality rises to the top and we can match the best authors. In the future: People can set a bounty in form of a virtual currency on a story. The story can start with a writing prompt, e.g I need some content about a certain topic or I need someone to test this app and write a short review about it. You can set a deadline for the bounty and how you like to split it e.g among the best three contributions more info >>
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