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Parental Filters and Online Safety
With the changing times in the world, comes a need for better services and more quality products that cater for our various needs. Up to date and detailed reviews of products such as My Porn Blocker is done in this site. It describes the various software one can use to entertain himself and also in ensuring twenty four hours of specialized protection. The site contains quality information on software that helps improve the lives of people in various ways. It empowers the woman in the normal Nairobi streets to perform her own form of high end quality surveillance by providing information on various records relating to offenders and various notorious criminals. Thus, she fends off possible danger thus protects her own. more info >>
HardDriveSpy-Employee & Children Tracking Software
Hard Drive Spy is a free monitoring software that is meant for managers to check on their employees regarding the time spent on internet, the time spent for work, mails and chats with other employers and so on. Also the software allows to check on your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife! It scans your personal computer to find secret conversations and logs of chats. It records all keystrokes, passwords, and usernames. Hard Drive Spy is used to monitor the children and their activity on the web: web filtering, kidlogger, visited websites and secret alerts. It is free to download and easy to run on your hard drive. more info >>
Many people need to know to how to block websites, filter distracting website or block the internet connection in order to get work done, study more, or write better. Stop Procrastinating is the tool to do this. It can filter distracting websites for a period of up to 24 hours, and it can block the entire internet connection. You can also set goals in order to help yourself concentrate. All in all, it the most effective tool that will make you more productive guaranteed. It will make you write better, help you to study more effectively and also help you to get work done more efficiently. Whether you are looking to block Facebook, cut distractions for your kids or yourself, this is it. Download it today. more info >>
This website is designed to help chose the best vpn provider on the net. It also compares vpns features, prices and speeds. This source is in Russian only. Blog posts are regularly updated and include unique vpn related content about security, privacy, content access and circumvention of government censorship. Readers can also opt in for free email distribution and get free vpn providers offerings, discounts and other internet privacy and security related news. For visitor´ ease of use and improved experience this site has been built using simple navigation and pleasant webdesign. Each VPN provider has also been ranked using readers votes. Enjoy reading! more info >>
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