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Mobile Phones
Unlock and jailbreak your Iphone
Unlock and jailbreak your Iphone using this state of the art software for your Iphone. Don't risk bricking your phone with outdated and unstable software or risk losing your Apple warranty. This software is completely reversible and works on firmware up to 4.2 at the moment. The 4.3 software is being worked on as we speak. Also included in your jailbreak and unlock software is a guide on how to use your Facetime on 3G instead of just using it on wi-fi. The software comes with an instructional guide. This all can be done in 5 minutes and you will be on your way to using free apps from the app store among other great incentives. Why pay an extra 25 dollars a month for internet tethering when you can get the app from cydia and have it forever with no monthly fee. It is well worth it. more info >>
Gadgets for Mobile Phones
This blog represents my hobby of mobile gadgets such as apple, blackberry, htc, samsung, nokia, sony ericsson, motorola, siemens, etc. Systems for mobile applications such as the latest blackberry os 7, the latest iphone os IOS 5, the latest os android Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and application windows mobile 7, and do not forget belle symbian os symbian os created after anna. And this blog does not represent any brand name or product, and when mentioned, is not a form of advertising such products. The site is used for downloads if available, please review my blog and if there any question, please email me if you have any questions. I will reply soon as possible. more info >>
Jailbreak iphone 4
Jailbreaking your iPhone can seem like a issue, but it can provide you a lot of benefits. For one factor, it can significantly enhance the wide range of your iPhone 4. Jailbreaking is quick and relatively pain-free. It’s definitely legal, too. Here are just a few aspects you might want to consider a jailbreak for your phone. A jailbreak for your iPhone 4 also gives you major use of it, providing you with a wide range of possibilities for fine-tuning and control. You can design it in new techniques, change the application and customise shows which would otherwise be set. more info >>
Mathematics and engineering software
A wide range of mathematics and engineering calculators for both mobile phones and PCs. We have a unique set of applications in matrices, algebra, calculus, differntial equations, scientific calculations, and plot graphs. We also have applications dedicated for engineering design and research. The user is allowd the chance to in put the problem requirewments and then he gets the steps for solving such problem. We also have smart applications that can solve differential equations symbolically. The users inputs the differential equation in symbolic format and he gets the solution also in symbolic format. We have, for example, engineering calculators that solve digital signal processing design problems for the user. more info >>
Absinthe Jailbreak For iOS On iPhone
All the latest jailbreaking methods for getting Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch jailbroken on iOS 5.1.1, iOS 6 etc. Currently there are a lot of jailbreaking tools available, but we cover only the topics related to the latest iOS jailbreaking tool which was developed by pod2g with the help of Chronic Dev Team. We have chosen it since it supports only untethered jailbreaking. Resn0w was the one which considered as the best before Absinthe jailbreak comes. But unfortunately iPhone Dev Team could not get it updated before the release of Absinthe v2.0 for jailbreaking iOS 5.1.1 untethered. more info >>
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