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Data Recovery
Ever delete a folder, only to realize that it contained something vital? Even if you’ve empted it from the Recycle Bin, you can still recover the data that’s been deleted. Data Recovery software allows you to restore files and data that have been lost due to accidental deletion, file corruption or hard disk failure. How does it work? To understand how data recovery works, it’s best to first get a grasp on how files are written and deleted in the first place.

Each hard drive disk, floppy disk, USB drive and other kind of storage media consists of millions of sectors. When you write data onto a disk, your computer writes onto empty, or free sectors. When you run out of room or decide to get rid of a file, you delete it. But when you delete a file, your computer doesn’t eradicate the contents of the sector. Instead, it simply marks the sector as “free space,” in spite of the fact that there is data written to the disk. The data remains there until another program needs to use the space and overwrites it. This is true even if you format your hard drive or change its partition table.

Data recovery software goes in an salvages data from sectors that have been marked as “free space” but hasn’t yet been overwritten. This is difficult—it’s a bit like trying to piece together a fossilized skeleton without knowing what the original creature looked like. But through sophisticated algorithms, these data recovery utilities can undelete or recover data with impressive effectiveness.

To learn more about data recovery utilities, check out some of the links below.
Have you lost data on your PC hard drive due to a crash, virus, format, and other related problems? If so, DERescue is your answer. Our powerful data recovery software is here to help. Created by experienced and professional programmers in Shanghai, Chine, our software will recover lost, deleted, or even damaged files and data. The easy to use interface will help you recover your data in a time efficient manner to get you up and running again. A great feature of our software is that it is not only for hard drives. You can use DERescue on RAID, USB drive, SD cards, and any memory card to recover vital data that was lost due to any circumstance. We know our software will return your data to you in satisfactory condition or you money back. With 200,000 happy customers, we are sure to help you too. more info >>
Has your Windows, Linux, Mac, or Novell crashed and your freaking out about recovering important lost data? Not sure where or how to start? Then stop by Data Recovery Softwares and let us be your solution. Our company understands that the crashing or loss of critical data can be very stressful. That is why our programmers have created top notch data recovery software to help that panic turn into a sigh of relief. Our programs will recover data from everything from flash drives to iPods and everything in between. We want to make your data recovery process as quick and cost effective as possible. Try our free trial download software to see how powerful and useful this tool can be for you today. more info >>
Freeware data recovery software recovers permanently deleted inbox, outbox, draft text messages and phone number from mobile phone sim card. Download free data recovery software which regains damaged data from all major sim cards of any country or location in the easiest way. Free data recovery software recovers accidentally deleted files, music, audio and video files from various removable media as PDA device, mp3 player, USB hard disk drive etc. Company recommends free download of data recovery software which enable you to retrieve lost music, picture, audio and other similar files from thumb drives. Download free recovery software which repairs damaged music files, audio songs and video recording from corrupted iPod devices. Free data recovery software recovers lost or deleted data from accidentally damaged USB drive, pocket drive, keychain drive and jump drive etc. more info >>
Powerful USB drive data recovery software regains digital pictures, still images, memorable photographs, text files from USB flash drive, jump drive, memory stick etc. Affordable USB recovery software restores lost photos, pictures, audio, video files from major USB removable devices including mp3 player, PDA or smart media. Easy to use data recovery flash drive utility rescues all erased saved photos, images, pictures, music files, text documents and other similar files from major USB removable devices. Compatible flash drive data recovery software retrieves easily restores digital data from USB flash storage media within short duration of time. Reliable flash file recovery software revives missing files and folders from various storage media and provides fastest turnaround time for complete data recovery. more info >>
Company suggests ntfs partition recovery utility to recovering all missing data due to emptied recycle bin folders from removable disk storage. Proficient recover NTFS partition freeware to recuperate damaged files and folders due to bad sectors affected storage from removable media. Fast and accurate partition recovery software to retrieve deleted files from any removable storage media successfully. Free Download ntfs undelete application to revive accidentally lost data due to hardware failure from USB disk storage device. Free and best restore NTFS partition software to retrieve erased data due to primary or extended partitions from removable disk storage. Easy to use vista partition recovery software helps in rescue lost data from external hard disk storage devices accurately. more info >>
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