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Bocce is a very old sport that some believe originated with the Romans. Throughout the Roman Empire, people played Bocce on a regular basis. After all, the Romans didn’t have electronic games or the Internet! Bocce is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and congregate with friends. While Bocce is mostly played by seniors, younger people can enjoy this activity too. The word “Bocce” is the Italian word for this ball game. However, various countries around the world have developed other words to refer to the same sports. Since Bocce originated in Italy, the word “Bocce” is often used to refer to this sport.
We like to collect and publish information about Bocce on our Bocce Directory page. Here, you will find lots of details about the sport. You will also find different methods of playing the sport, ways to make the sport more interesting, and places to buy Bocce balls. If you want to play Bocce, you may discover a Bocce group in your area. Scope out your local parks for people playing Bocce, or head on over to the senior center in your area – you’re bound to find some people who will want to play with you! Bocce can also be a family game. If you want your family to head outside and play a sport, why not choose Bocce? We hope that you will find our Bocce Directory helpful and useful. When it comes to Bocce, you’re never too young, or too old, to give this sport a try!
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