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Some people say that the sport of handball, or a variation of it, has been around since as early as the Middle Ages in France. While the game that we now know as handball is quite different – they both had the same principal rules and tools. Players compete against one another to attempt to score the most points using a small ball that can be easily passed around a field or indoor facility. The only difference in all the current versions of handball is the exact rules of that specific variation. There is team handball, which is the most common, wherein two teams battle in an effort to throw a ball into their opponent’s goal. Team handball is actually an Olympic sport in the summer games and has been since 1936. There is also Gaelic handball, Frisian handball, American handball, beach handball, Chinese handball, field handball, Czech handball and even four square. Each versions may differ in size of court, whether or not they are played indoor or outdoor and how many people play during each game.

Our directory on the different sports of handball is reserved for websites that offer up specific and detailed information on each sport as well as go into the long history of handball as a sport that has continued to entertain players and fans for hundreds of years.

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