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Depending on where you are currently located you may or may not have ever heard of Kabbadi (or Kabaddi). This sport, while unknown in the United States, is a popular contact sport in parts of Asia, Europe and Australia. If you are unaware of the sport, it is composed of two teams, each with seven players, where each team attempts to score points by wrestling an opposing player to the ground to score a point. It is almost like a cross between wrestling and the famous children’s game Red Rover. Each team on the offensive may only send one player over (the “raider”) to try and break the other teams chain. The different forms of Kabaddi are Amar, Sanjeevni and Gaminee. The sport became extremely popular in the aforementioned areas of the world because it is a way to showcase teamwork while also offering a great forum to showcase personal skills and get a great workout at the same time. Kabbadi is so popular in Iran and Bangladesh that it has been named the national sport!

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